Thursday, November 10, 2005

Genesis -- Firth of Fifth

Well, I was starting to feel that perhaps I judged Frist too harshly. Just because he wanted to investigate the leak about the torture prisons didn't mean he didn't care about the terror prisons, I thought.

Hah. Today I learn that Bill Frist is even more immoral than I thought!

Kind of figures, doesn't it? He's a doctor, and all too often, we forget that doctors are involved in the torture process. I'm sure Frist knows just where to place the electrodes and knife-edge.

Israel lives with real terror threats all the time and has strong anti-torture laws it upholds fastidiously. If they can do it, the United States can, surely.


Carol said...

I agree that non of this torture or applied pressure should be done behind the peoples backs and there needs to be strict laws about it. So people need to talk about it. My only issue with what you wrote is that you imply that the terror threats are not real against the United States as oppose to Israel which faces real threats. The United States is facing real threats. It does not stop with 9/11 much to my sorrow. The people have to decide how they want to fight it. I would hope they would at least learn from our mistakes here in Israel.

lee said...

Carol, we face real threats, of course. I was saying that Israel deals with real threats as we do. In other words, the example of Israel is relevant. If it were New Zealand, for example, it may not be such a useful comparison. Israel has ongoing, never-ending counterterrorism work, and yet it gets its work done without torture.

As to the level of threat the United States faces, I wonder if perhaps we'd be better off if we stopped all this War on Terror stuff and took the same amount of money and invested it in public health around the world. Even if terrorists killed a couple thousand people each year, we'd save a thousand times that many lives, easily, by feeding people and treating easily managed diseases, as you know. I know, it's an objectionable idea, but I wonder why. And it's relevant, because in the US, the right-wing wants to reduce taxes, and make up for that revenue loss by making cuts in programs that benefit the poor, children, and the elderly. They won't get their way -- too many moderate Republicans find this repugnant, thankfully--but NO ONE in Congress would even think of doing something like fund programs for poor, elderly, and kids by reducing military expenditures. In the name of "Homeland Security" we are screwing over people at home.