Thursday, May 04, 2006

Patti Smith -- Break It Up

So. The Pentagon is trying to turn the War on Terror into America's Funniest Home Videos. It's an amazingly inane and immature move by the Pentagon. "Oh, lookie! Zarqawi doesn't know how to fire a gun! Oh, how rich, his deputy doesn't have the sense not to grab a hot gunbarrel! Hah! What rubes we fight!"

Meanwhile, Zarqawi's troops have no problem blowing themselves and others up at will in Iraq. They may be following the orders of a guy who doesn't know how to get a machine gun to fire in automatic mode. They may be pitched against American soldiers who know everything about weaponry and tactics, who'd never make the silly mistakes the Al Queda terrorists did. But the knowhow of the American troops makes them no more able to stop the roadside IEDs or the suicide bombers. And while the Pentagon tries to mock Zarqawi by pointing out his lack of firearms skill, his folks killed more Iraqis and American soldiers today.

Perhaps the Pentagon should spend less time showing Al Queda blooper reels and more time, um, well, pursuing Bin Laden and Zarqawi? But we seem to be much better at capturing blooper reels than we are at capturing terrorists, so never mind.



Jim from Iowa said...

Really, what was the Pentagon's point anyway? If by demonstrating how an inept Zarqarwi is at being a professional soldier he will just give up out of embarassment? The decision-makers at the Pentagon are in way over their heads. They are the ones who should leave out of embarassment. But then I don't think this crew is capable of being embarassed by anything.


lee said...

Yeah! It's weird how the Bush Administration really builds upon Goebbels' work so effectively, but it's odd how they turn such powerful tools designed to do terrible, terrible evil to such mundane ends. This White House seems to be the one that Nixon wanted to have, what with its endless layers of secrecy and denials and doubletalk and leaks and coverups.