Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Beatles -- Got to Get You into My Life

McCartney says this song is about his newfound love for marijuana back in 196-whatever. It's still a good song.

Which reminds me of Coldplay. It's not their fault. Well, actually, it is. Chris Martin combines macho cockiness with overdone faux vulnerability. He is so proud of his vulnerability. And in interviews, he always tries to put himself in with bands like U2. And the LA Times critic recently did too, which is so obscene. Coldplay has released three albums in 7 years, right? ANd they all sound like The Bends. U2 released Boy, October, War, The Unforgettable Fire, and The Joshua Tree. And the band develops over time, producing lots of awesome songs that you can tell from one another. True, u2 now tends to release albums that are more interchangeable -- HTDAAB is pretty much just ATYCLB rehashed -- but the first seven years -- the first eleven years, really, through Achtung Baby, were exciting releases moving to new ground each time.

What really makes me angry is not Coldplay's music. I don't mind it at all. To me, they are really MOR music. Nothing wrong with that. When I want something innocuous on that I can work with, I put on Coldplay, A Girl Called Eddy, Sinatra, Sarah McLaughlin, Nat King Cole, Bic Runga... nothing wrong with the music at all. Sometimes the lyrics are a lot better than Coldplays, actually, but the point is they are melodic pleasant music that isn't going to distract when you want to work. Easy Listening. KOST FM. That sort of thing. It's when journalists and Coldplay try to make themselves out to be more than pretty music to use in TV commercials and the like that I get angry.

It's like The Killers and how they try to be so big and Important. The singer was in a big bs article in the LA Times saying how when they heard The Strokes Room on Fire they tossed half their songs and redid them. When I listened to Hot Fuss I was confused. These are the songs they kept? How sucky the rejects must have been! Amazing.

Which makes me love bands like The Arcade Fire even more. They are so earnest and unassuming in their interviews. They are in a band to make music and share it, not to be the Biggest Band in The World. And that's perhaps the secret to making good music. Someone has to actually care about music in the end.

I never saw 24 Hour Party People but I heard someone in it talks about how the music industry is filled with music lovers. They are college grads who could have gone into any industry and they went into the music business because they love music. They are the people would were not good enough or lucky enough to be good musicians or singers but live and breathe it like the kids in High Fidelity. Most bands, on the other hand, the people who are making the music, they want to get rich and be stars and have groupies and use music as a vehicle for stardom. So the bands that are supposed to be the starving artists are the greedy materialistic ones, and the supposedly selfish and conniving agents and producers at the music company are the ones really caring about the music. At least with groups like The Killers and Coldplay, I'm sure it's true.

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