Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Mussorgsky: Pictures At An Exhibition

"I don't really care about EMI," he told Reuters at a recent appearance in Manhattan. "I think shareholders are the great evil of this modern world."
--- Idiot and talentless Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, discussing his band's boring new album debuting at #1 and how it boosts EMIs profits and stocks.

Of course, the great evil of this modern world isn't shareholders. It's boring music. Your boss listens to it. Your eight year old listens to it. Your gerbil listens to it. Your mother even listens to it. For about a month. Then everyone gets tired of it. After a year or so, everyone going through their CDs realizes that they haven't listened to X+Y in ages, and no, they don't want to listen to it again now. So dozens of copies end up for sale on the internet. Cheap. But all the copies of X+Y that everyone suddenly wants to unload in July of 2006 aren't going to sell, are they? So what happens to all the CDs? Coldplay's latest CD is definitely going to result in a significant increase in landfill problems, and the stupid father of Apple (No, not the Steves, silly) is to blame. Bastard.

On the good side of things, only a week-and-a-half till The Arcade Fire/David Byrne show at The Hollywood Bowl!!! God is good.

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