Wednesday, September 28, 2005

David Bowie -- Looking for Water

David Bowie is the coolest. I've been thinking that for 23 years.

I didn't like Let's Dance when it came out. And I didn't know any older Bowie. I was a senior in high school and taking community college classes at the same time. I took an archeology class that involved doing excavation out in the desert. So one weekend, we're sitting around a campfire with kangaroo rats lurking in the shadows, and one older student is singing and accompanying himself on guitar. Blah, blah, whatever. Then he sings "Space Oddity." I'd never heard the song before in my life. It was amazing!

I bought the Changes One compilation immediately thereafter. I then gave my friend Russ Changes One as a gift. He loved Space Oddity so much he made a 90 minute cassette tape of just Space Oddity over and over again, and he listened to that tape for weeks. Anyway. So it's been Bowie ever since.

There's no other performer I like as much. When he comes out with new stuff, I buy it right away. Ten years or so ago, when Outside came out, I and a small caravan of Bowie fans drove from record shop to record shop in my town on the day the album was released until we found a shop that had it in stock. I'm not always able to be at the record store the day the albums come out, but usually it's within a couple days. Then I play it to death.

I have dreams about David Bowie from time to time. Usually he's staying as a houseguest and we get to hang out.

David Bowie is also the one performer I can think of where I actually have an aversion to seeing him in concert. I've never gone to see him perform, and I don't think I ever will. I HATE his live renditions of his songs. It's unfair of me, but there you go.


Nate said...

I've always respected Bowie, still do really, but I've been permanently scarred by a movie an ex made me watch last year.
You know...Labyrinth?
Seeing his junk flap around in that odd piece of spandex/nylon has made me forever prejudiced against him.

Carol said...

I loved seeing Bowie in concert. Maybe it was the 4th row center seats. It was quite an experience because it's a production not just him on stage doing his songs.

lee said...

Nate -- LOL... I don't mind Bowie's junk flapping about. Actually, I didn't even notice his junk flapping about. I'll have to watch for that! I love Labyrinth except for most of the songs, which I hate....

Carol, I love the production bit, which is why I made sure to see Peter Gabriel last tour - his shows are insanely good to wach... I dunno. Maybe I need to see Bowie next time. Course, now he isn't doing as much theatrics, so maybe I missed my chance... :)