Monday, September 26, 2005

Joe Strummer -- Minstrel Boy

Earlier today I posted a great entry. Wow, it was awesome. It tied in novelist Anchee Min's experience of America (where she can be more Chinese than she was in China) with the farcical "anti-war" marches of this weekend and bemoaned the Left's loss of vision and embrace of isolationism, and how it reflected the Left's failure to believe in its own ideas anymore (with the exeption of Christopher Hitchens). Finally, it argued that true advocates for Palestinian rights in the West Bank and Gaza do not belong to groups like Peace Now, because Peace is not possible now. Peace will only be possible when Palestinians have civil rights and an effective and corruption-free government, and that anyone who cares about Palestinians can NOT support peace now, because there is not an infrastructure and an effective government in place to allow for peace.

And then something Bad happened and I lost the whole post. But trust me. Woo! It was a great one.


Carol said...

I believe you Lee. You write so well. Sorry I won't be able to read what you wrote. And I agree about Peace now. Let the Palestinians first build something for themselves. In the meantime I'll settle for a little quiet. Doesn't look like I'll get it though.

lee said...

Thanks, Carol. I am really a soft touch and a bleeding heart, so it pains me a bit to distance myself from groups like Peace Now, because I love goofy leftists like myself. But just as I think it would be a terrible sin for the US to pull out of Iraq without ensuring the Iraqis have things in hand and can govern themselves first, it has become obvious that Israel cannot make peace until the Palestinians have a government able to enforce the peace, something obviously not happening now.

Your podcast and reactions to it are really expanding my brain. It hurts!