Tuesday, January 17, 2006

David Byrne -- Glass, Concrete & Stone

2006 is going pretty well so far. I am working and for some reason, don't have a lot to say. It's odd. It's not like I'm really into my job or anything, it's just that I'm not into much I'd like to express. I am looking at new cameras, but it's a silly game because I can't afford one. My existing camera still works fine, and I just got a tripod to help with taking low light pictures that I want to focus on, like after sunset landscapes and that sort of thing, so it's not like I don't have a perfectly good camera. It's just that when I got my camera three years ago, what I really wanted was the Fuji S602Z, and I couldn't justify getting it. So now the current model is the Fuji S9000, and I certainly can't justify getting that, but in a year or so I will. It's got all the bells and whistles you can get in a non dSLR camera -- you can do everything auto or manually, and it's got manual zoom and manual focus rings on the barrel, so you use it like you would a dSLR. It also has dSLR things like a hotshoe for attaching an external flash, ability to do long exposures, so you can get cool night shots and junk, and it's got an insane equivalent range of 28 mm to 300mm, which is nice. Also, it has ISO equivalent sensitivity of 80 to 1600. The 1600 is "noisy" but the people who care about such things forget how "noisy" 1000 speed film was. And also, there are great plug ins for Photoshop like Neat Image or Noise Ninja that do a kick ass job of cleaning up noise, so I don't care. I want to be able to get more shots more places. I was toying briefly with the idea of getting a dSLR, since it's a couple hundred more but a big jump in quality in some respects, but SLR cameras with changeable lenses means dust in the camera, and I'm not good about keeping things clean, so that would be a pain, and I know I'm not going to want to lug around different lenses. I'll end up getting the S9000 or whatever Fuji makes to replace it and I'll be immensely happy. In a year or two when I am financially better off. Or perhaps I'll just tell people who give me birthday and chanukah presents to give me cash for my camera fund -- you can get the camera online for $500 or so, so it's not like it'll take forever to save if I am disciplined. Hmmm... I am totally chaotic and TERRIBLE with finances. Never mind. I'm never gonna get my dream camera....

It's amazing, because you can buy a film SLR that would be fine for me for $200, but I'd never take photos because of the cost of film. That's what makes the digital camera, especially a Fuji, worth three times the cost. You take however many shots you want and only print out the ones you want. And the difference between Fujis and other brands seems to be, from what I've seen and read, is that the Fuji electronics is tweaked a bit to ensure the best print quality, so it works out. I hardly ever make prints, but I'll be getting more this year as I find more creative ways to use photography in gifts.

Anyway. That's all that's on my mind, and it certainly wasn't worth typing out, was it?

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