Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sufjan Stevens -- The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts

So. Bush trots out news from years ago. Four years ago, Al Queda was hatching a plan to get a bunch of guys from some Southeast Asian country to hijack a plane and fly it into the US Bank building here in Downtown LA. It's a half mile or so from here-- the biggest building in LA and on the West Coast, for that matter, 60-something stories high. The plot was foiled. Ok... whatever. Are the American people stupid enough to think Hmm... well, they DID foil that plot in Southeast Asia... even though that has nothing to do with the President illegally wiretapping US Citizens in direct violation of the FISA act, he's getting results, so we're OK with the wiretapping? Probably.

Funny thing is that right now, I'm hatching a plot to win Saturday's lottery. Using a highly complex algorhythm, I'm going to break the seemingly-random winning number selection and become the next mega-millionaire..... DAMN! Some woman with Corporate Real Estate just came into my cubicle with a tape measure and starting seeing how big my file cabinet was. Then a coworker saw this and cackled "She's seeing how you measure up!" Then I thought of how women always get away with the sexual innuendos and noticed how the woman with the tape measure was totally not even paying attention anyway, and also how she did have nice jeans on... as a result, my plot to become a multi-millionare has been ruined. If not for that woman and her tape measure, I'd be rich. Drats! Foiled again!

No photo of the biggest building in LA but here's one of the prettiest -- Los Angeles City Hall.


Jim from Iowa said...

Good luck on Saturday, Lee. But I thought you had to be Mexican to win the California Lottery. Regarding the Bush Administration's accomplishments on the "War on Terrorism"--perhaps they're all like this foiled attack on Los Angeles. Maybe in their calm, silent, professional manner, without regard to blowing their own horn, the Bush Administration is actually WINNING the "War on Terrorism". Perhaps we have misjudged him and his senior staff. Maybe Mr. Bush is actually the best president this country has ever had! Naaay! They're still the same incompetent idiots we've been dealing with for the last five years.

Jim from Iowa

lee said...

Jim -- Come to mention it, we haven't had any velociraptors run amok through downtown Los Angeles, nor have elephants been seen in the area in a few dozen millennia. And how many meteors have hit us since he was elected? Clearly, Bush's effectiveness extends far beyond keeping us safe from shoe-bombing Southeast Asian terrorists.