Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Elvis Costello - Watching the Detectives

War of the Worlds -- spoilers aplenty.

The movie was a beautifully well-done failure. I guess they couldn't hire someone to give the script a simple once-over to spot all the obvious flaws because all the money went to CGI.

The EMP flaw is so bad my 11 year old protested loudly at all the electronics suddenly working. Add to that all the irritating junk like the airplane burning but none of the neighborhood being set on fire, the constant inexplicable open road in front of the van on crowded highway and rubble-filled streets...

Some have jumped on the aliens dying of bacterial and viral infections. But aliens not having immunity to germs isn't a bad angle. It's classic and sensible. It makes sense that there would be unforseen problems in an invasion... but why do we end up with the aliens apparently like the Bush Administration? All this planning and a brilliantly executed plan involving ships buried on earth tens of millennia ago, thus meaning the aliens had been to our world before, but then no awareness of germs on this planet they've been to before, and no plan to "secure the peace?" If they had gone with HG Wells where the aliens landed, that would have been fine. But no. The aliens came here eons ago and planted their ships and waited? For what?

If the movie was emotionally engaging, few of us would have noticed the flaws. But the movie failed miserably. So we noticed all the crap.

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