Friday, July 22, 2005

No music - jury duty

I am in the jury room at lunch. I am actually on a case that'll take two or three weeks to resolve. It's odd to be on jury duty. I did it before about 8 years ago and each time I feel really overwhelmed, being so close to a vast eternal truth. We are trying to draw as near to this ideal of Justice as we can. And though we are mortals and flawed, together we seem to get really close at times. I pray to G-d that we do so this time.

Being on jury duty means I am not working my regular job. But my employer pays for unlimited jury duty. As much as people poop on corporations, big companies don't have to give nice things to employees like unlimited jury duty days, but they do. And it's a little bit of goodness. It's an absolute good. You go, huge corporate behemoth that I love!

I got to go and get lunch. I wonder if anyone ever reads anything I ever write.... perhaps it's better if this is my secret journal that's technically public but hiding in plain sight....

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