Thursday, May 26, 2005

Arcade Fire - Crown of Love

I am back from Palm springs where we had a regional meeting for a couple days. LA is freezing compared to the 105-111 days I just experienced. When I was there, I went on the aerial tram to Mt San Jacinto State Park where it was 70. I sat next to Heraclitus' stream. I stuck my hand in and delighted in the snowmelt freeze. I sat on a rock in the shade and listened to birds chirp and the stream rush. I stuck my hand into the same stream and thought about it also being a different stream. I thought about how the stream and I are mostly empty space, that we don't really touch each other at all. Then I discarded silly scientific babble and enjoyed the icy water babbling over my hand.

My G/f's oldest daughter is graduating high school today and I have to get her a gift but I also have to leave early to get there so I have little time and even littler ideas.

I have so much to do that everything is crying out with equal urgency at every frequency, so it's all a soothing whitenoise. It's a bed of nails. One nail could kill me. A few hundred support me evenly. So it's a peaceful day. But it's time to do something. It's what I was born to do, this something.

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