Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Specials -- Nite Klub

It's a cool overcast day. My favorite kind of weather.

I am overly involved with my iBook, learning how to do everything on it. I wish I was like my g/f and able to use my computer and not learn everything about my computer. As it is, I am messing about with video importing and editing, which is really not something I need or want to do. But one thing that's good is that having a bunch of new software to learn makes me want to do creative stuff, and although I do creative stuff all the time, I want to do more -- like interesting gifts and cards. Not the usual dumb cards that look tacky but really cool innovative stuff like birthday brochures or booklets. And I need to get back into poetry writing. The iBook is so small it makes it a lot easy to take out and use.

I am becoming increasingly aware of time's passing because I've been looking at old photos and recordings, and my daughter was 5 years old a second ago, and now she's 11. I miss the little girl, even though the almost-teenager is a wonderful, wonderful person, a lot of fun to be with and immensely kind and compassionate and creative. But I miss the way she was before. I miss the way I was back then as well. I don't think I was different but I'm sure I was in some ways besides looking skinnier or fatter depending on what day it was.

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