Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Arcade Fire - Wake Up

Well. It's kind of obvious I've been listening to The Arcade Fire a lot since their label got onto eMusic and I downloaded their Funeral CD a week or so ago. Whoa. Some article drew a comparison with The Walkmen, which I agree with in that The Walkmen are experimenting with sounds and making new stuff as well, but The Arcade Fire is just a unique gorgeous growing thing that's really, really, great. It's like they've got bits of everything from TOBASOL to Talking Heads to T Rex in there. And lots of other flavors I haven't identified yet.

So I had noticed that they were playing with David Byrne at the Hollywood Bowl next month. And then I forgot. And then I went to a fansite and was reminded. And it's a Sunday night! And my g/f is not working the next day! And tickets were only $30 each! So it should be a great show. The Arcade Fire and David Byrne and his stuff under the stars.

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