Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Peter Gabriel -- Only Us

I am now one of the switchers, one of the Windows users who has gone over to the Mac world. I bought an iBook this weekend. I wasn't sure if I should get the Powerbook, but after being honest with myself about what I use my laptop for, it made no sense to spend the extra money. The iBook does everything I need, and does it well.

Even though I've switched, I am, like a large portion of switchers, still firmly in the Windows camp. First, my old laptop is going to be my daughter's laptop, and so I'll still be dealing with Windows. Secondly, there are a couple things I have to figure out how to do on the Mac, so I'm still using the Windows machine for that stuff. Third, I work with Windows at work. So it's like speaking one language and work and another at home, I guess.

The Mac is set up to make it pretty easy to switch. There are some things that are frustrating -- I have some needling issues, like the ten year old AVIs of my daughter that I can't get to work in Mac (I'll have to mess with them on the PC and export them to a straightforward mac-friendly format) but overall it's been easy, helped out by the fact that all my personal and calendar stuff is on the Palm, which was easy to set up on the Mac. And the 12" iBook is so light and portable compared to my old 15" Dell... about half as thick as well. Also, it's about the best-priced 12" you can get, even considering Windows PCs, when you include the included software. It has 10.3 on it, but for $10 I ordered Tiger, so that should be here in a few days, and then I'll be up-to-date and happy happy. As far as the computer goes. And then I'll have to make my apartment as nice and sparkly and clean as my iBook...

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