Thursday, August 25, 2005

Blur - Optigan 1

About eight years ago, I was writing poetry all the time. If you google my name and poem or poetry, you'll find a couple handfuls of my poems published online. And then I stopped trying to get poems published, because it started to feel like a crass sort of game, and then I stopped writing as many poems. But I still write some. But now I generally write for my girlfriend alone. Like this one I just wrote to her --

My Sun-Maid Woman

Here you are
wearing a big red bonnet
and holding a tray overflowing with green grapes.
The sun behind you bursts with joy
its rays spreading out
to embrace the world
much as you do.

And no one else would have
as many grapes as this
on their tray.
I, for instance
tried to find grapes
worthy of picking
but rejected most of them
because they were too green
or not green enough
too ripe
too hard

But you move
from vine to vine
see each grape
touch it gently
and each grape stretches
into perfection
under your loving hands.

lRt 8-25-2005


Carol said...

I told you once before-your girlfriend is a lucky woman. Did you find the right age to act yet?

lee said...

Well, I'm a lucky man, definitely... I am going to act the age I've been acting already. Still not sure what that age is, though. But it has something to do with grapes and raisins and being dehydrated but extra sugary or something.