Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Death Cab for Cutie -- Crooked Teeth

I like Death Cab's new CD Plans... so there.

My girlfriend is flying back to LA with two of her three girls. The third is staying in NY where she's now attending college. We're used to saying "the girls" for all three of her daughters, and now it's not really possible any more. One of "the girls" just grew up when we weren't looking, and my daughter is growing up as well.

It used to be, when my daughter was younger, people would say "Oh, she's getting so big!" and I'd reply something like "Well, yeah, they tend to do that when ya feed them, ya know..." but now I know why people always remark on how fast kids grow, how big they get, how fast. I know that next thing I know my girl won't be a girl anymore, that I won't see it happen, that she'll grow up when I close my eyes for a second.

And my girlfriend is a little sad, but not very, because her daughter has blossomed into what my girlfriend had hoped she'd become the whole time. Her sisters are going to miss her terribly, however and probably have a period of adjusting to her not being there. Their triad shrinks to a dyad.

OH. For reasons too complicated to go into here, I have a photo of a Tibetan Buddhist statue of Khadrubje. I can't remember if he is a lineage guru or a dharma protector or what. My Buddhist excoworker left him and Dorje Shugden here to watch over me. But Khadrubje sees the emptiness at the heart of all things. Next to him I have a photo of my girlfriend. And I can't see any emptiness in her at all, although she is mostly emptiness, I know. Oh, I dunno. Never mind.

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