Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Lisa Germano - Candy

So. I am at work. But today, I am not working. I am trying, I really am! But we have to do this stupid security class online and it takes forever to load each page, so by the time the page comes up, I'm trying to reply to an email or fix something, and then I am distracted five different ways.

But last night was great. I made my g/f cilantro pesto, and it turned out really well. My dinner skills are all pretty much limited to two things--

  • 1) Variants on pasta with homemade sauces, like pestos or red pepper sauces
  • 2) Variants on basic Ayurvedic stuff -- basmati rice, mung beans or lentils, and steamed veggies with spices

This is, however, lightyears from where I was ten years ago. Back then I was eating TV dinners and processed everything.

Man, I am scatterbrained. Before I started typing here, I was trying to work, but I had all these things I had to type here in my head. Now I am here I am thinking about work stuff.

So back to work.

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