Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Rufus Wainwright - Imaginary Love

Well. Jury Duty is over. And while I was all into talking about it last week, the whole thing is so Last Week now. It was a case with a bus speeding down a residential street and slamming into a car driven by a guy with a .17 bac who was backing up. He's in a wheelchair for life. He'll need 24 hour care for life. We ended up decided the case 50/50. That would make his award around 7 million, but the MTA is going to appeal. By the time it's all done, he won't get enough money to really take care of him, I'm afraid. The plaintiff's attorney is an up-and-coming attorney Arash Homampour, who will probably end up very famous at some point. He used a computer for his case -- had all the evidence on there including videotaped depos. The software he used allowed him to rapidly find ANYTHING quickly. It really made things interesting, especially because a defense witness couldn't even make his laptop-projector connection work. While I don't think all this made a difference in our deliberations, it probably did.

Anyway. Being at work again is weird. At the conclusion of the trial I had a strong feeling I wasn't doing anything important and needed to change my life and take on more responsibility, like get my masters and do something more life-changing than my current job. We'll see. Now that whole feeling is fading. Soon it will be as wispy and faint as a dream and I'll wonder if I really felt anything at all, so pulled back into my normal life I'll be.

Having fun with podcasts. Currently I listen to
  • Israelisms
  • Keith and the Girl
  • Dawn and Drew
  • There are Jews in Alabama?
  • Elvis Mitchell's The Treatment
  • Soccergirl, Incorporated

and I have to say, that of all of these, Keith and the Girl is closest to me unsubscribing to, because they are too productive for me. It's fun to listen to -- Keith and Chemda are very interesting, very am ha-aretz, I think, in a good way, but they do an hour a day. It's too much to keep up with! Soccergirl's shows are so amateurish and patched together, but they are short. Same with Dawn and Drew. And Jews in Alabama and Israelisms come out less often so you can look forward to the shows and enjoy them and keep up with them.

Back to work!

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Eric said...


Many thanks for plugging our podcast, Jews in Alabama!! Thanks also for your comments on our shows. The story of your dad's journey to Judaism was fascinating, with many parallels to my own. I just couldn't exist inside a faith that discourages or disallows vigorous debate. And, like your dad, Orthodox Judaism's restrictions on women (among other things) keeps me away as well.

Thanks again!