Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Fiery Furnaces -- Wolf Notes

Oh, I am having fun this evening, going from blog to blog, following commenter links to their pages and reading their stuff... I got interested in some kashrut question and googled up this page where I read:

Rabbi Yehudah Rosaries, of blessed memory, was asked if it is permissible to deal in mummies ("mumia" in Ladino) since human flesh is forbidden as food.

He replied that it is permissible. Since the flesh is completely dry and cannot be eaten, it is not forbidden to deal in them because the prohibition depends on the article being edible.

It is true that it is forbidden to derive any enjoyment or gain whatsoever from the flesh of a human corpse; therefore, it would be forbidden to deal in a mummy. However, this prohibition is only true of a Jewish corpse. Since there is a question as to whether the mummy was Jewish or gentile we follow the majority of the world and assume that the mummy was certainly a gentile.

Furthermore, where these mummies are found, Jews do not live. Therefore, it may be assumed that it is a pagan gentile and we are permitted to derive profit from the mummy.

Exciting, the world this evokes. Were there ancient and dusty shops tucked away in secret corners of marketplaces containing relics and strange treasures and mummies? Or mummy brokers traveling from city to city connecting mummy buyer with mummy seller?

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