Saturday, March 18, 2006

Adrian Belew -- Inner Man

Fujimugs has a regular contest with a theme. People submit photos they take specifically for the contest. The current theme is "Incomplete," and this is the photo I submitted. It's a house on Bundy Drive in Los Angeles. The taxes are lower on renovations vs a teardown and total rebuild. So it's common to see something like this in West LA, where there are few restrictions preventing people from buying a home and tearing it down to build another. People are paying millions of dollars often with the house being pretty much sold as a "teardown"-- the land is worth millions alone. It's actually cost-effective to build a totally new house because in today's market you can still make a profit. (This is one of many reasons why it's folly to allow pure market forces to be the highest values, which is what you get with capitalism. The start and end of ethical considerations is "Can I make profit?" If so, do as thou will. Never mind that while you are destroying one home to stick another one in its place and spending millions in the process, people are homeless in your town. Bastards.)

So this is the one little part of the house that remains. Everything else is being built new, thousands of square feet, multiple stories. But because of this one wall and fireplace, it counts as a remodel just the same as if they added a breakfast nook. Nice loophole, huh?

It's a nice a quiet morning, cool and overcast, with rain off and on and a chance for thunderstorms, which I am looking forward to. I love thunder... maybe I'll clean up this apartment. Maybe not.

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