Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wheat -- Don't I Hold You

another photo of the sunset by the same place as the other photo last week taken at the same time. I'm too lazy to post new ones. Suffer.

I am so wiped from my trip... one of my ears didn't properly pop when I landed Tuesday night and that made me dizzy and nauseous, and yesterday I was so tired, and I slept a lot but I was still wiped this morning... I think my brain gets bruised in the altitude changes. Remind me never to go scuba diving.. the pressure would do me in. I am so damn tired.

And I'm behind on phone calls. And the one phone call I do return turns into an hour-long tutorial on Basic Excel stuff. And I'm thinking I should "Just Say No" because I don't support Excel, damnit (or I'd be paid a lot more) but there's no one else who is going to help this person... companies and insurance brokers today are doing the human resources and risk management jobs with fewer and fewer people and the technical and fiduciary demands grow exponentially.... the folks I deal with every day are expected to handle vast amounts of responsibility. No one has time to learn how to use Word and Excel. Everyone just pushes through the slough as best they can, covered in leeches and filth, making do and trying to remind themselves how it could be worse. Anyway. I gotta go home and crash.

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