Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Jam -- Carnation

Really nice sunset last night. Interesting location, too. This is in Pacific Palisades, a neighborhood of LA that sits a couple hundred feet above sea level, atop a cliff (palisade) with appropriately good views. The house that used to be here (and which doubtless blocked the view) went down the hill ten or fifteen years ago heavy floods eroded the cliff -- 'm not sure if the house was destroyed outright by the slide or was demolished afterwards, but it's not there anymore. Currently on the other side of this fence is maybe twenty feet of land and then it's a sheer drop. Bad for the homeowner (but they were certainly multimillionaires and doubtless made out ok) but good for me and anyone else wanting to take photos of sunset by the ocean.

There were better pics to be had facing East a bit earlier, but I was driving West and had no idea where to get off the freeway and have a good view...

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