Friday, March 17, 2006

Stew - C'mon Everybody

Business travel in America -- real business travel, not coddled executives in corporate jets -- is a PAIN. I have to go to St Louis next Thursday from here in LA. There are non-stops that are a fortune or connecting flights that end up taking 10 hours of travel and get you there after midnight.... and with a meeting at 8:30am, that isn't gonna happen. SO I look for nonstop flights. Only issue is that they are only in the morning. SO I'd have to stay another night in St Louis. So which wastes more time and money and which works better to ensure I can do my job... neither option ends up being good. Plus we do our own travel reservations and it takes forever. The company thinks it saves money because, by having us do our reservations directly, it sees the allocated expense for travel agents drop, but it can't see the corresponding drop in our effectiveness as we poke about with our own travel arrangements. Bollocks. That's what I say. At least money is no object. Well, mostly not.

Oh, and Shabbat Shalom.

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