Tuesday, March 28, 2006

No Music -- iPod @ home

So. It's raining heavily, so I got to try out my new umbrella! It's a huge golf umbrella we got as a promotional freebie. I has cool wind vents, so it won't blow inside out in a sudden gust, fibreglass frame and shaft, and it covers an area so great that you could seriously shade three adults walking side by side from the rain. It's the Humvee of umbrellas, is what it is. OK to use walking to and from your car on unbusy sidewalks, but in downtown pedestrian traffic on the way to the subway? It's much too huge. It covers the whole sidewalk. It's a beauty, and when I was just out, it rained nice and hard so I got good use out of it.

And that's about the most interesting thing that happened today. My trip to Portland went well... and work is awfully confusing.

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