Friday, March 24, 2006

Neko Case -- A Widow's Toast

I am so wiped out today it's not funny... here's a shot I took from the plane on the way out of LA Wed evening. That's the Palos Verdes Peninsula down there. Only problem with the trip is that I was SUPPOSED to be gone at 2pm. The flight I was on was delayed, so I had to get to St Louis on a later flight. And my luggage got misplaced. So I did my presentation in the same clothes I'd worn the night before. But my luggage got to me in the end. Last night the trip was draining... two flights over 8 hours, basically. And Monday I fly to Portland and back.

But on the plane I read an article about the Congo and the civil war there, child soldiers, gangrapes, people cutting out their victims' livers and hearts and eating them. Whole villages macheted to death. Roaming gangs of crippled people laying siege to businesses to get money to eat. Etcetera. So I have nothing to complain about, and we live in the best of all possible places, surely.

So I'm going to go and enjoy my headache and go home and have a sleep-filled weekend and appreciate things like waking up and not having to worry about having my head cutoff by drug-crazed child soldiers.

Shabbat Shalom.

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