Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tom Waits - Barcarolle

Sunset last Friday night heading west on Wilshire. The building is known as "Bullocks on Wilshire," a gorgeous Art Deco structure completed in 1929. A good weekend, but a busy week ahead to get ready for. And the week after I get to go to St Louis, and I haven't been there before, so maybe I'll get cool Arch photos! My daughter got contacts yesterday, so that's exciting. If she gets along ok with them I may try them again next time my eye exam rolls around... it's weird seeing her without glasses, even though I see her every day without them when she gets up and goes to bed-- it's odd. Anyhoo.

It's Purim-time and I have homentashen to eat. And I need to figure out how best to spell it as well. :) Homentashen, that is.

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