Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sufjan Stevens -- They Also Mourn Who Do Not...

Ten, fifteen years ago, this parking lot used to be the dying remnants of a residential neighborhood. Then the houses were razed and parking lots put up until the time was right for the property developers to put up a new hi rise development. It seems that this will now happen within a year or two, making shots like this impossible.

It's very odd, when you think about it, something as unappreciated as a reflection in a puddle. And how it's so transient. The water is there for a few hours, then it's gone. And soon, the parking lot is gone, and that's the end of the potential for this photo.

Sure, sure, the seemingly solid and eternal skyscrapers are also transient -- each stands in a spot once occupied by buildings that were ten or twelve stories -- huge for the late 1800s or early 1900s when they were built. Those buildings, in turn, replaced bungalows and palm trees and lush gardens, and so on, back to an earth newly born, magma-covered, dimly aware, even as it startled into existence, of the vague, misty flickering of all these future changes.

Anyway. I have to go eat now.


Carol said...

Loved thew picture.

lee said...

Me too. I am a sucker for reflections in pools of water. :)